Citroen C3 WRC Tour de Corse 2018 #3 Chassis

I am working here with chassis. As first i do some bores to be able mount small parts like levers and rubber duct part.

citroen scale model car

And next step is painting bottom part in black as underlayer and then aluminum gloss.

Axles are also painted and mounted. Imitation of gearbox and rear diffirential are aluminum flat.

Brake supports and rotors made as one part, pe disc need to be glued on it.

And then I painted them and added a little wash to the ventilation of the disks for contrast and realism. Michelin decals on rubber are brushed with Vallejo matt acrylic varnish. It cures evenly well and has a rubber-like vinyl base. Someone asked how I made the red dots in the center of the wheel. There is no need for any masking or sloppy brush work. With the help of a punch bit, we cut 4 circles from unused red decal.

Springs brushpainted, nothing unusual.

The front and rear axles assembled.

Brakes closer

For realism reason the exhaust pipe is drilled and hole deeped.

It will be hidden a bit, so I didn’t do any burnout or effects on it.

Radiator made of pe and glued accordingly.

Finally, I closed everything with plates and rubber pads, little bit weathered, and call it is done.

Wheels do not mount so far, i left it till the end of overall build.

That is all. The video on Youtube is also available.





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