Citroen C3 box cover

Citroen C3 WRC Tour de Corse 2018 #1 unboxing

Here i will start the next build. This is a rally car Citroen C3 WRC version 2018 by Belkits with article number BEL-017. By the way, this kit was kindly given to me by webstore I recommend it, since I use this shop very often myself and buy there a lot of stuff.

The car body is complex, with many different imitations of bolts and other details. To the kit i have got some paint jars for basic coloring. Number 5 is excellent paint, they do not eat plastic and are absolutely friendly for any surface.

Sprue with undercarriage and suspension elements. The brake calipers are molded into the discs.

Sprue related to the bottom parts. There are covers that close everything from below, and the side sills.

Sprue with wheel rims. The one without bolts is a reserve rim. It will be placed in the cockpit.

The interior tub is as a separate part with many holes – to position accessoires. I like when such parts are separate, and not moulded into the body, you do not need to waste time to mask it during painting. The imitation of the engine is simple, it seems to me that they insert it into all models. Doors cards are separate and with a small detailing in it.

On the next sprue, the parts of the safety cage, the dashboard and some small parts for in the interior.

Various small parts for the exterior and rear wing parts.

Sprue with clear parts. There is some distortions, but still ok.

Chrome plated parts.

And this is a cool sprue, all the parts of the rubber. Mudflaps, air cooling ducts and other things. The tires are simple, with a tread.

Also was given stamped canards made of metal, a couple of PE plates with meshes, disk rotors on each side and various seatbelts things. Also painted masks and metal sticker mirrors with Citroen emblem.

The sheet with decals is very large. Made by cartograph, this means that there will be few problems with them.

Before starting work, I make dry fit with the main parts to check the further building process.

All four wheels touch the surface of the table, which means the bottom part is straight flat, without distortions.

I prefer to glue safety cage before painting. Marked which parts can be assembled before painting. Almost everything except two front beams. I will show them during the WIP.

This is what the final option will look like. Me like it.

That is all for a while, see you.